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President(s) - Job description/Duties (Nov 2019)

President(s) Elect - Job description/Duties (Nov 2019)

Executive Committee

End of Year Reporting - Rev February 2016


1st VP, Programs - 

Duties/Responsibilities of 1st VP (2019)

2nd VP Charitable Events -

Duties/Responsibilities (Nov 2019)

Secretary - Duties/Responsibilities (Nov 2019)

Treasurers (Charitable Events and Operations) 

Duties/Responsibilities (2019)

Budgets (Jan 2020)

Charitable Event Profits and Loss Report (Nov 2019)

Charitable Events Balance Sheet (Nov 2019)

Operations Balance Sheet (Nov 2019)

Operations Profits and Loss Report (Nov 2019)

Cash Accounts,(Nov 2019

Payment of Invoices/Reimbursements (Nov 2019)

Sales Tax Reimbursement (Nov 2019).

Parliamentarian - 
Job description/Duties (Nov 2019) 

Historian -

Duties/Responsibilities (Jan 2020)



Article II Section 1C By-Law comp. policy - (Jan 2020) 

Grant Distribution of Charitable Funds - 

Rev November 2015



SOS - Rev Dec 2019

Interest Groups

Job Description/Duties of Interest Groups 

Coordinator (Nov 2019)

Membership Committee

Membership Chair Duties, updated Nov. 2019

Stipulations of Membership , updated Nov. 2019

Apps., Forms, Roster & Mentor Activities - Rev Feb 2016


Nominating Committee - 

Duties and Responsibilities (Jan 2020)

Job Description/Duties of Nominating Committee and its Chair

Pine Cone Newsletter -

Duties/Responsibilities of Editors (Jan 2020)